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Paris 13 street art walk from the B55 hotel

Like an open-air museum, the 13tharrondissement of Paris is full of a multitude of street art frescoes that are really worth a visit. This street museum, initiated in the 1960s, invites you to discover 26 monumental frescoes to be found randomly in the streets. And to make sure you don’t miss anything from this open-air art gallery, the B55 hotel offers you a comfortable room just a stone’s throw from your place for a street art stroll.


Monumental works of street art in Paris 13

In the south of Paris, in the heart of the 13tharrondissement , many artists, supported by the town hall and art galleries, have embellished a few facades to give another face to the capital. Follow our guide, and don’t miss a thing about this open-air museum.

William Saroyan’s poem, by Cryptik

Let’s start our walk at 171, boulevard Vincent Auriol. You cannot miss the huge fresco that covers the facade of the Maruani gourmet bookshop. We discover thework of Cryptik, a follower of calligraffiti, who took up the poem by the writer William Saroyan, drawing inspiration from medieval calligraphy.


Want a translation of this prose? Go to the bookstore, where you can also leaf through a few books while enjoying a pastry.

Turncoat, by D*Face

A little further along the same boulevard, at the intersection of rue Nationale, we find one of the works of D*Face, or Dean Stockton, a London artist who loves comics. On this sensual fresco 25 meters high, the portrait of this femme fatale will surprise you with its blue tones, and the dazzling red of the luscious lips.

Liberté Égalité Fraternité, by Obey

Still on boulevard Vincent Auriol, at number 141, we come across the Liberté Égalité Fraternité fresco. Produced in tribute to the victims of the Bataclan attacks of November 15, 2015, this monumental fresco by Shepard Fairez, alias Obey, is inspired by the “make art not war” poster. The artist then replaced these few words with the motto of the French Republic, and accompanied it with a new kind of Marianne and a French flag.

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron requested a copy of this symbolic work to decorate the offices of the Elysée.

Love won’t tear us apart, by D*Face

Let’s cross the Boulevard, to now go to Place Pinel, where a second work by D*Face awaits us. A disfigured man, his face like a skeleton, is thus represented lovingly embracing a woman. The style reminds us of 1950s artist Roy Lichtenstein, and the work symbolizes past loves that are hard to let go.

Papy Dance, by C215

On the same square, at number 9, there is the portrait of a resident of the district, Élie, better known under the name of Papy dance. The French artist C215, or Christian Guémy, thus drew the face of this 78-year-old man who used to dance, just for fun, with passers-by, every Saturday in front of the Italie 2 shopping center

. Paris 13 other works by this Ile-de-France artist, such as The mother and her child, Cat, The bearded man, or JO 2024.

Evelyn Nesbit, by BToy

From the roundabout, take rue Esquirol. You will come face to face with Evelyn Nesbit, the famous American magazine leader and model. Barcelona-based artist BToy drew this huge female portrait as a tribute to female icons of the last century.

Étang de Thau, by Maye

Let’s return to boulevard Vincent Auriol, at number 131, where the artist Victorien Liria, alias Maye, originally from the south of France, painted theÉtang de Thau, in homage to his native region, the Camargue. Many references are hidden there: the pink flamingo, the orange color of the melon and the setting sun, the Camargue horseman…

La Madre Secular 2, by Inti

At 81 boulevard Vincent Auriol, the Chilean street artist Inti painted a secular representation of the Madonna, symbol of scepticism. The Blessed Virgin is then decorated with planets and stars, like a map of the sky, but also with skulls representing all the religions.

The beaver, by Bordalo II

Then take rue du Chevaleret, on your right. You will discover there the work Three Ages, by Gonzalo Borondo, before arriving at number 87 of the street. The 3D artwork that awaits you will surely surprise you. The Portuguese artist has produced here a trash animal, or trash animal, with waste found in the street, to denounce overconsumption.

The cat, by Roa

Retrace your steps and take the stairs behind the bridge. Here you are on rue Marguerite Duras, where the skeleton of a huge cat awaits you. Painted on the very modern façade of an elevator, this stunning mural byBelgian artist Roa depicts a black and white cat rearing up on its hind legs.

The Lavo//matik and the Itinerrance gallery

finish our walk by entering the Lavo//matik, at 20 Boulevard du Général-d’Armée-Jean-Simon. This gallery-boutique showcases street art, and offers many amazing objects for sale. Further on, the Itinerrance gallery is an invitation to discover the works of many great international street art artists. 


We have finished our walk, but urban art is revealed with many other works that you can discover by walking the streets of Paris 13. You will find many urban artists : Bault, Bom-K, Combo, Conor Harrington, Doudou’Style, Faile, Invader, Mano, Okuda, Reka, Seth, Zabou…


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