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Discover Paris differently with street art

If the city of Paris is famous for its historical monuments and its architecture which plunges us several centuries back in time, the capital also knows how to be modern and audacious. This is how street art finds its place in each district, leaving tourists free to admire amazing masterpieces. The B55 hotel invites you to discover Paris under a different eye thanks to street art.


The huge frescoes of the 13th district

For several years now, the 13th arrondissement of Paris has been the favorite playground of many street artists. The monumental frescoes realized on the facades of the Parisian buildings offer to this district of Paris allures of open air museum. As soon as you get out of the Nationale metro station, you can admire about ten works. Go to the boulevard Vincent Auriol, or to the rue Jeanne d’Arc, to discover, among others, the famous fresco “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”, by the American urban artist Shepard Fairey, or the huge mosaic portrait of the TV character Doctor House, created by the French artist Invader.

Stroll through this Parisian district to meet the colossal frescoes, and let yourself be charmed by the very varied universes proposed by the urban artists.

And if you are planning to come to Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games, don’t miss the 70 portraits of sportsmen and women on display throughout Paris. You’ll find the mythical footballer Zinédine Zidane or the powerful Teddy Riner in the 13th arrondissement, at number 30 Avenue Edison.


Street art is omnipresent in eastern Paris

If you go for a walk in the East of Paris, in the 19th, 20th or 11th arrondissement, you will be surprised to discover that street art is hidden at every corner. You will find permanent works and colorful frescoes, like in the Babelville mini-neighborhood, in Paris 11, or the famous fresco of the men in white making the rounds, by Jérôme Mesnager, which can be found on rue de Ménilmontant (Paris 19).

But there are also many spots dedicated to ephemeral street art, like the Oberkampf Wall, in the street of the same name. Here, every 2 to 3 weeks, a new street art artist expresses himself through his art. If you have the chance to pass by during the realization of a fresco, you will be amazed to discover the real performance that represents such a work.

Otherwise, you can walk around the streets. You may come across the works of the great names of French and international street art, such as Kenor, Seth, or El Pez.


The Villette district: collective murals

Let’s stay in the East of Paris, and more precisely in the 19th district. Here, the artists meet two steps from the canal of Ourcq, to give again life to the colorless walls. All the graffiti artists and street artists joined their talent to bring color. One finds then the personal touches of recognized artists, like DaCruz, Psy or Marko 93.

Extend your walk, to reach the rue d’Aubervilliers. There, the largest mural in Paris stretches over 493 meters long. The street artists wanted to pay tribute to Rosa Parks, the African-American symbol of peace, and each one brought his own unique touch, from Kashink to JonOne, through Combo.

If you push your curiosity beyond the borders of Paris, you will discover in the city of Pantin a real open-air museum. There, in front of the Parc de la Villette, more than 30 artists have embellished the district of îlot 27 with colorful and touching works.


Street art in the heart of Paris

The heart of Paris is often visited for its historical monuments, but tourists are also often surprised to see many works of street art crossed at random in the streets. In the 4th arrondissement, the artists have a lot of fun, and offer us monumental works that are worth a visit. Let’s go to the place Igor Stravinsky, to admire the work of Jef Aérosol, entirely made with stencils. Further on, in the rue de la Verrerie, it’s the artist M. Chat who expressed himself on the shutters of the BHV, and the Parisian street artist Gregos who realized, not a plaster cast of his own face, as we are used to see with him, but a feminist portrait in homage to the women’s day.

In the 7th arrondissement, many tourists gather in front of Serge Gainsbourg’s former home, where the façade is covered with graffiti, collages and paintings.


Street art in Paris

If you have the opportunity, during your stay in Paris, go outside the capital. Art knows no boundaries, and the street art of Paris’ neighboring cities may surprise you.

Vitry-sur-Seine : art is everywhere

If you have the opportunity to walk around Vitry-sur-Seine, a stone’s throw from Paris, you will see that art is everywhere. Street artists have given free rein to their imagination, expressing themselves on the walls, but also on lampposts, sidewalks, electric bollards… We can see works of art of all kinds, where forms and techniques are mixed with harmony. We discover paintings, graffiti, collages, or works made with stencils.

But art is also revealed through sublime murals, of which the most famous are certainly the one of the French robot of the Pierre Semard street, realized by Pixel Pancho, and the one of the African warriors, homage to Nelson Mandela, realized by Kouka near the museum of contemporary art.

The Street Art Avenue of Saint-Denis

Among all the playgrounds of the great street artists of the Paris region, Saint-Denis is a place of choice, highlighted by the Grand Paris. As in the center of the capital and in Vitry-sur-Seine, you can find a variety of works by artists from all walks of life, but you can also find the bold and innovative project of Street Art Avenue.

Several kilometers long, the avenue connecting La Villette to Saint-Denis gathers, since 2016, a multitude of street art works. This open-air art gallery is not to be missed if you travel to Paris.


Street art in galleries and museums

Street art is an art form in its own right, and if it is, initially, a movement of expression of freedom leaving the choice to the artists to express themselves where they wish it, it is also a whole of techniques which are put at the honor in the galleries and the museums of Paris.

Is it raining during your stay in Paris? Don’t spoil the pleasure of discovering Parisian street art, and go to the different exhibition spaces. You can go to Art42, the first urban art museum in France, or discover other places dedicated to street art: the Fab., the Fluctuart boat, the Mathgoth galleries, the Openspace, the Artistik Rezo, the Itinerrance, the Cabinet d’Amateur…

One thing is sure, the bad weather will not prevent you from having a great time.


Planning a stay in Paris? Book now your room at the B55 hotel, to fully enjoy the Parisian street art. Once you’re there, one piece of advice: keep your eyes open and admire!