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Your hotel near the Cité Florale in Paris 13

Diversity is the wealth of Paris. Thus, we can stroll on the Grands Boulevards and the main avenues with huge Haussmann buildings, or walk through the picturesque little streets that look like a village. Far from the hustle and bustle of the City of Light, discover our B55 hotel near the Cité Florale in Paris 13.


Journey to the heart of the Cité Florale district, a stone’s throw from our hotel

There is nothing more exotic than a little bucolic stroll in the heart of Paris. This is what we suggest you experience, by visiting the Cité Florale district, near our 4-star hotel.

The origins of the Cité Florale

Built on a huge meadow very often flooded by the Bièvre, the Cité Florale was born in 1928. The multiple floods made the ground fragile, and did not allow the construction of the huge traditional Haussmann buildings. The space was therefore occupied by multiple houses, which today offer this pretty neighborhood with the appearance of a small village.

Then go to the southwest of Paris, for a bucolic walk that will surprise you. And to get your excursion off to a good start, we recommend that you start at number 45 rue Brillat-Savarin, then continue on rue des Volubilis, and let yourself be guided by the beauty of the alleys.

A bucolic haven of peace in the heart of Paris

If you don’t know the Cité Florale of Paris, close your eyes and forget all the images you have of the powerful and dynamic capital. Imagine a small hamlet of colorful houses in pastel shades. The cobbled streets of this small triangle-shaped district all bear the name of a flower, and there are 5 in number: rue des wisterias, rue des iris, rue des orchids, rue des volubilis, rue des bindweed. At the heart of this mini-district, the square of mimosas completes the floral tableau.

Along the streets, we discover pretty houses full of colors and decorated with flowers, and elegant gardens with a peaceful atmosphere.

Fifteen short minutes are enough to go around the Cité Florale. Fifteen minutes out of time, to live in complete peace of mind.


The B55: a charming hotel close to the Cité Florale

To stay within the theme of nature and Parisian charm, we invite you to book a hotel room at B55, an establishment under the theme of relaxation and comfort.

A luxury Wine & Spa hotel in the colors of the Cité Florale

If you like the idea of ​​thebucolic atmosphere of the small streets of the Cité Florale in Paris, you will be seduced by the B55 hotel and its decoration on the theme of vines and wine. Extend the experience of nature in the heart of the city by staying in an elegantly decorated, spacious and bright room. Your comfort is ensured by the many luxury amenities, and your nights promise to be sweet and restful.

A team at your service

Staying in the luxury hotel B55 Wine & Spa in Paris 13 allows you to find a bubble of sweetness every evening, where many services are at your disposal to satisfy all your wishes.

You will then have plenty of time to taste one of our great wines, thanks to our self-service wine by the glass dispenser. You are free to enjoy it in your room, or on our Parisian terrace.

And if you feel like it, thewellness area, located in the basement of the hotel, welcomes you to a haven of peace where relaxation is in the spotlight. Swimming pool or sauna, all the equipment is a real call to relaxation.

A hotel near the Cité Florale

HotelB55 is just a 6-minute walk from the Cité Florale. You can then immerse yourself in the bucolic atmosphere as soon as you leave your room, without having to take public transport. And if you want to prolong the experience, the Butte aux Cailles is also near the hotel, and offers you another village-like district.

Very well served by public transport, the 4-star hotel B55 is also the ideal starting point for all your visits to the monuments of Paris.


In the Cité Florale, the impression of living outside of time and the city offers a unique Parisian experience. Come and discover the Cité Florale, a stone’s throw from our hotel B55 in Paris 13, and treat yourself to a unique and soothing moment.