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How to organize a business trip?

A business trip often represents an important challenge for a professional or for a company. Generally of short duration, this business trip must therefore be anticipated to optimize as much as possible these few days taken from usual working time. Let’s discover, with the B55 hotel, all the tips for successfully organizing a professional trip.

Define the framework for business travel

Whether you use a travel agency or organize your business trip alone, you will always need to start by contextualizing the business trip .

How important is this business trip?

A business trip represents a challenge in several respects, and it is essential to take a step back to determine if this travel project is really essential. Indeed, it is necessary to analyze the impact that this could have on professional activity, by comparing it to the time that it will require from the professional (which he will not spend doing something else that is perhaps more profitable) , the costs that this will generate, but also the impact on corporate social responsibility (CSR) . Identifying essential business trips is a real strategy for a company’s activity, but also for its carbon footprint.

What is the purpose of this business trip?

To understand the benefit of professional travel for companies, it is essential to define their objectives and analyze what this will bring. Whether it takes the form of a meeting, a trade fair, or a simple appointment, the professional mission must always have a very specific objective.

Where does the corporate trip take place?

Knowing the destination of the business trip allows you to prepare, whether by choosing the mode of transport, anticipating travel costs, but also by preparing the stay (local currency, time difference, local customs, etc.).

How long will the business stay be?

Knowing precisely the duration of the trip allows you to better manage and optimize time and money. Travel organization therefore involves managing travel, and in particular the time to devote to it, but also by managing accommodation and catering.

What is the budget allocated to these travel plans?

A professional travel plan must also take the budget into account. Depending on the means of transport and the length of the stay, you will be able to assess the budget to plan . However, you must anticipate additional costs that you do not always think about, so as not to have unpleasant surprises (breakfast at the hotel, parking costs, etc.). It is also important to establish rigorous expense reports to ensure coverage by the company.

Plan a careful organization of the business trip

A professional stay is often added to an already busy professional schedule. So that the trip does not have too heavy an impact on your business and is truly effective, you need to establish a plan.

  • Know your objectives perfectly : if you leave at the request of your superior, you must know precisely what he expects of you. Managing your various appointments should allow you to prioritize without missing anything;
  • Plan your absence from the office: whether you leave at the last minute or not, you must anticipate your absence with your colleagues, collaborators or clients. An absence email specifying your return date is always welcome, and you can also reschedule your appointments for your return;
  • Confirm each appointment : to ensure that you are not traveling for nothing, it is essential to very precisely formalize each meeting planned during your stay. Ask for frank confirmation of your appointments a few days before your departure, specifying the time and location;
  • Develop optimized travel itineraries : for good organization, the ideal is to organize meetings so that they waste as little time as possible. Transportation between each meeting place can waste a considerable amount of time, so be logical and efficient, this will also remove additional stress.

Choose means of transport

Organizing travel for business travelers is quite complex, especially if we take into account responsible travel policies that are increasingly present in companies. The idea is to find the least polluting means of transport, but also the most efficient and profitable.

  • The car: the rental car is the ideal transport for short distance trips, but especially for getting around once you arrive at the place of stay;
  • The train : the advantage of the train is that it is possible to continue working during the journey. It is therefore both fast, practical, and less polluting than the car. On the other hand, it is necessary to study the price and timetables, because flexibility is not always required and does not respond well to travelers’ constraints;
  • The plane : generally speaking, the plane is the fastest mode of transport for medium and long distances. But this requires anticipating travel once there, and taking into account the ecological impact of such a means of transport.

Once there, it is always interesting to use public transport . If this is not possible, taxi or car rental can meet travelers’ expectations.

Book accommodation for business travel

When it comes to business travel, the choice of accommodation is crucial. It must be able to allow the professional to rest, without wasting time in transport, and to have all the necessary comfort within reach.

You can therefore start your search for booking professional travel by informing yourself about the different policies and agreements of your company. This can impose a chain of hotels on you, for example, or have a loyalty program with a particular accommodation.

Then, you will have to choose the accommodation so that it saves time, while taking into account the quality/price ratio . You will therefore be able to study the best offers from hotels and rental apartments located near the different meeting points.

Finally, you will need to pay attention to the different options which may result in additional professional expenses.

Good to know: booking directly on a hotel’s official website is often cheaper than on comparison sites.

Prepare all the essential documents for your professional stay

To travel stress-free and not forget anything, it is wise to make a list of essential documents . You can also dedicate a pocket to these documents, in which you can slip your plane or train tickets, your identity document, your visa (for international travel), your business cards… Think also to digitize these documents, to always have them in your phone.

The B55, an ideal hotel for your professional stays

Traveling for work is often tiring, so to provide professionals with optimal comfort necessary for rest and quiet work, the 4-star B55 hotel is the ideal accommodation. Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the establishment welcomes you in a warm and cozy space, not far from the Porte de Versailles, the Exhibition Center and the capital’s business districts.

The hotel offers negotiable rates for business trips , and a partnership with various professionals allows you to benefit from rental of seminar roomsoutside the establishment.

After a great day of work, the professional will be happy to be able to enjoy the hotel spa , with indoor swimming pool and sauna .

Managing business travel requires a lot of organization. Whatever the length of stay and the number of participants, the B55 hotel welcomes you to the 13th arrondissement for a quality professional trip.

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