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Les Trinqueuses: a look back at the 100% Feminine Wine Fair in Paris

The world of wine is often perceived as a very masculine world. In the vineyards and in the cellars, men have been shaping our best wines for thousands of years. But women also have their say, and female winegrowers are increasingly making their mark in the wine industry. It is to highlight their passion and their know-how that the 100% female wine fair was created in Paris. Zoom on the Trinqueuses!

A unique wine fair that highlights women winegrowers

Inaugurated on April 13, 2024, Les Trinqueuses is the first living wine show where only female winegrowers are represented. Coming from the four corners of France, they come together in Paris for the first time to demonstrate their know-how as wine producers.

From 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., around thirty winegrowers from all French wine regions meet at Ground Control (81, rue du Charolais), in the 12th arrondissement of Paris to discuss their profession and present their delicious vintages.

Winegrowers, merchants, sommeliers and even wine merchants will prove that the world of wine is not just reserved for men. The objective of such a show is therefore to discover the place of women in the wine landscape , through meetings between amateurs and professional women, as well as various events around wine.

A wide choice of wines to discover

At Trinqueuses, there will of course be a question of meetings and exchanges, but it will also be an opportunity to taste and discover numerous wines . From red wine to white wine, including rosé wine and champagne, feminine know-how is highlighted, and offers you the opportunity to discover sumptuous vintages.

As at any wine fair, you will have the privilege of tasting many very varied wines, and learning more about their character and their manufacturing techniques from the producers.

The program of the first winegrowers’ show

The Les Trinqueuses wine fairopens its doors from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 13, 2024. During these few hours dedicated to women winegrowers, tastings and the sale of bottles of wine take place continuously. To accompany the best vintages, you can go to the different food stands to enjoy or buy oysters or local products. Throughout the afternoon, artistic stands will be available. At the same time, don’t miss the day’s programming.

From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Round tables – The great forgotten ones in the history of Pif

During these 2-hour round tables, Tina Meyer and Mademoiselle Jaja will return with you to the History of wine heroines . We will retrace their journey, we will discover what they brought to the world of wine, but we will also try to understand why they have always been in the shadow of men.

This will be an opportunity to meet Mademoiselle Jaja and Tina Meyer . The first is a renowned sommelier and wine -trotter who invites deep reflection on the transmission and democratization of the feminization of the world of wine. The second is a journalist specializing in gastronomy and editor-in-chief France of the Michelin guide magazine, whose objective is to demystify wine and highlight forgotten grape varieties.

Bip concert

To set the mood, you can count on Camion Bip Bip . This electronic music group asserts itself through its activism, and claims 100% queer culture through committed music.

10 p.m.: Hyper Sam DJ set (La Taquinerie collective)

On the decks for several years, Hyper Sam expresses his creativity with music full of energy, groove and textures. From trance to techno, we love the progression of his sets which build in tension.

Les Trinqueuses is not just a wine fair. It is also an event that carries a strong message, full of hope for women who wish to enter a predominantly male world. The show proves that women have their place in the world of wine , and that they even do very well!