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Covid-19 and hygiene measures for hotels in Paris

To ensure that the Covid-19 crisis does not prevent us from having a good time, Parisian hotels have had to adapt to the mandatory hygiene measures. In order to reassure its clientele, the hotel B55 takes stock of the current situation, and the precautions put in place in the face of the coronavirus.

The health risks linked to COVID-19

The numerous information on COVID-19, and the more or less reliable sources, can sometimes put us in doubt. Here is what we know about the coronavirus.

  • Its origin: the first signs of the virus were identified in China in January 2020. This coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is responsible for the COVID-19 disease, which is now a worldwide epidemic.
  • Dangerousness: COVID-19 is extremely contagious. On average, one affected person can infect 3 people.
  • Its symptoms:
    • Fever or feeling of fever;
    • Cough;
    • Headaches, intense fatigue, aches and pains;
    • Loss of smell or taste;
    • Severe diarrhoea;
    • Breathing difficulties of varying severity.
  • Transmission: COVID-19 is transmitted by droplets of saliva, which can be found in sputum (when speaking, sneezing, coughing), on the skin, on objects that the patient touches, or in the air of a confined space.

Sanitary measures put in place in Parisian hotels to limit the transmission of the virus

As we have all understood, the best way to slow down the epidemic is to respect barrier measures. To this end, Parisian hotels have put in place several sanitary measures.

A scrupulous health protocol :

  • Hotel employees and managers must respect a strict cleaning protocol:
  • Disinfection of room keys between each use;
  • Disinfection of sanitary facilities every hour, with control of the stock of soap, gel and sanitary materials;
  • Recouche (cleaning in the room during the stay) only on request;
  • Disinfection and cleaning of the room ensured one day after the departure of the previous customers. The room remains empty for 1 day between each occupation;
  • Change of equipment for the floor staff between each room (overshoes, gloves, masks and disposable gowns);
  • Wearing of masks for all staff;
  • Closing the swimming pool and spa.

New reception habits :

  • All hotels have implemented a new way of working to protect their guests and staff.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel at the reception desk;
  • Floor markings to respect distances;
  • Limited number of customers in the lobby;
  • Direction of traffic in and out;
  • Quick check-in on tablet, or pre-check-in if possible;
  • No check-out: payment of services is effective upon arrival, and the invoice is sent by e-mail upon the client’s departure;
  • Distance between the breakfast tables, and direction of circulation mandatory;
  • Customised Plexiglas at the entrance, limiting interaction between guests and staff.

The hotel B55 has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that you have a peaceful stay.