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Find a 4-star hotel in Paris

A hotel’s star rating is a guarantee of quality and will determine the level of service offered. Would you like to find a 4-star hotel in Paris, to make sure you have a comfortable stay? The B55 welcomes you in the heart of the 13th arrondissement.

The advantages of a 4-star hotel in France

The more stars a hotel has, the higher its standard. Although everyone knows this, do you really know the meaning of the stars (from 1 to 5), and what they imply? A 4-star hotel has all the necessary criteria to ensure a minimum of comfort for its guests.

  • The staff must be very available, but at the same time discreet. They must be able to respond to all requirements in a personal manner and speak several foreign languages.
  • The service must be impeccable, and every request must be satisfied as quickly as possible. Whether in the room or in the hotel in general.
  • Comfort is an essential criterion, and is based on the space of the rooms and common areas, the quality of the bedding and linen, air conditioning and soundproofing.
  • Safety must be carefully considered and standards must be met. Travellers’ belongings must also be secured and protected. Including the provision of safes, and security access to rooms and the hotel.
  • The facilities of a 4-star hotel should at least include television and internet access. To this you can add many other facilities, such as a gym, a swimming pool, a bar…
  • The hotel’s “extras” are additional criteria that guarantee the quality of a 4-star hotel: geographical location, view from the rooms, history of the hotel, etc.
    If you book a room in a 4-star hotel, you can be sure to benefit from these minimum services and facilities, which are the guarantee of a quality establishment.

Our 4 star hotel Paris 13

The B55, our 4-star hotel in Paris, meets all the requirements of a luxury hotel and offers you quality services. You will stay in one of our 48 comfortable, chic and spacious rooms. Enjoy all our facilities throughout your stay ! Flat screen television, unlimited Wifi Internet, a private bathroom…
You will also have access to all our services, included or à la carte, to perfect your stay: 24-hour reception, breakfast, bar…

The little “plus” of the hotel B55? Its SPA area with indoor pool and sauna, in the heart of Paris. Come and relax in our spa, after a day full of visits and discoveries in Paris. We also propose you to complete this unforgettable moment by meeting the best wines of France, thanks to our bar, and our self-service wine distributor.
Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Montsouris park, the hotel B55 is also an opportunity to visit Paris easily, thanks to the nearby public transport system, especially the RER.

Are you looking for a 4-star hotel in Paris? The hotel B55 opens its doors for a relaxing stay in the heart of the capital.